VAcation in a historical industrial complex

We created a space where you can relax and enjoy a break from everyday life.

We discovered Schleiferei II in 2020 - a lost place, sadly abandoned and rundown. After a year of thought and exploration, our vision took form in the summer of 2021. We knew we wanted to create a place where people could retreat or connect, find peace and inspiration in nature or enjoy vigorous activities.

Subsequently, we brought these buildings back to life. The mill was restored to preserve its historical character. It is very important to us that the charm of this historical construction remain intact. The exterior of the building is distinguished by massive walls and round arched windows. The interior combines original industrial detail and modern furnishings and appliances. The turbine hall brings to life the genuine industrial purpose of the complex.

Stylish and Relaxed

Sustainable materials and individual furnishings characterize the vacation apartments: wood, felt, leather, vintage pieces combined with modern design classics create an unmistakable ambiance. And last but not least, since good food is very much a part of a relaxing getaway, our apartments are optimally equipped for enjoyable cooking.

Schleiferei Zwei
Siebertal 7
37412 Siebertal
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