Enjoy a Break - Slow Down in the Middle of Nature

Siebertal is a nature reserve stretching along the Sieber River bordering on the Harz National Park. Schlerferei II lies directly along the river. For us, sustainable use of the environment and the preservation of regional biodiversity is an absolute priority.

A break in the Harz Mountains offers a great variety of leisure time activities. Some official hiking and mountain biking trails are in walking distance from the apartments. Close by are also opportunities for climbing and paragliding. Swim enthusiasts can make use of the local outdoor public swimming pool or enjoy the many lakes, ponds or streams in the region. In addition, areas north of Sieber offer a variety of wintersport activities.

For those who prefer tranquility, the forests of the Harz are right at hand. You can indulge in “forest bathing”, an intense experience for both the body and the spirit.

In addition to the above mentioned outdoor activities there are many places of historical and cultural interest, of both local and global significance, to discover in the Harz Mountains.

We of course will be happy to make further suggestions when desired.

Schleiferei Zwei
Siebertal 7
37412 Siebertal
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